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September 16 2012


Is Jeremy Raybourne the Next Messiah?

The Mystical Gene - A war has waged for millennia between two parallel universes - one bent on destruction for its own survival, the other trying to prevent further chaos and bloodshed.

The Mystical Gene - Centuries have passed since The Mystical Gene made its last appearance. Unaware that he carries the gene, young Jeremy Raybourne has led a shy, quiet life until his thirteenth birthday. Shortly after his entry into teenage years, Jeremy gets the feeling he is being watched. The feeling becomes more powerful each day, until a mysterious stranger, who claims to be from a parallel universe, makes her appearance.

She explains The Mystical Gene, hidden in his physical makeup, has matured giving him powers only a select few in history have experienced. In Jeremy Raybourne and The Mystical Gene, Book one in the Journey to The New Awakening trilogy, Jeremy discovers he has a destiny he can barely understand, and most definitely doesn't want.

Jeremy unwittingly opens the portal to another universe unleashing a battle, of cosmic proportions, with earth as the battleground, thrusting young Jeremy into the middle of the war.

Recruited by the leader of the Sancostan Universe, Jeremy must quickly learn the necessary skills to ward off invasion. His failure would mean enslavement and eventual destruction of the world, as he knows it.

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